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Binding, collating, trimming, folding, laminating. We understand you don’t have time to do all this to your work! Let your local Copiworld store handle all these high quality and professional document finishes for you. We can even do it while we print it!

At Copiworld, we understand that it is the little things that make a great job brilliant. Adding one of our document finishes to your work creates that perfect extra touch.


Document Binding

With a choice of high quality covers and a range of binding options; your documents will face the world looking their best with one of your local Copiworld store’s binding solutions.

The binding solutions available at Copiworld vary from store to store, so it’s best to contact your local Copiworld store to find out just what binding solutions they offer.  Most Copiworld stores offer plastic comb binding and Wire ‘ring’ binding, whilst some also offer plastic ‘spiral’ koil binding.

For something a bit different, try Square-Folding for your smaller documents!

Our square-edge booklets are similar to a standard saddle-stitch booklet (also available), however they are creased twice at the spine with the staples along a crisp flat edge. We then trim the edge of the paper on the open edge side of the booklet giving you a stylish modern booklet that is perfectly square and flat on all edges, and with printing on every page including the covers.

A range of paper stocks are available with our square-edge booklets, including the option of a heavier weight cover. Full bleed printing on both the inside pages, and the covers is also possible.

Square edge booklets are a stylish, low cost way to present your work with an ultra-modern look.



All Copiworld stores off a range of stapling solutions that suit a variety of documents and needs.

From a single staple in the top left corner, or double staples down the side, to saddle-stitched or square-folded booklets.


Folding, creasing & scoring

Your local Copiworld store offers a range of folding and scoring solutions that can positively affect the way your brochure, greeting card, marketing material, or business documents are received – from standard folds, and DL folds to large-format folding.

For heavier or coated stocks, Copiworld recommends the use of our scoring service, which ensures a sharp folds and helps prevent your printing from cracking along the fold.


Insert into folders

Versatile and Professional.  Brilliant!

Having your local Copiworld store insert your printing into folders is a great way to guarantee high-quality, professional looking documents.

For the ultimate professional look; we can also print and insert spines, front, and back covers into your folders, print and insert tabs, include varying stocks in your documents; and print, fold, and insert large format printing (such as building plans, large charts, diagrams, etc).

Folders come in a range of sizes and can handle a large number of pages, or even a few pages that need separating with tabs or dividers.  Folders are also  great way to disseminate standard information that will need to be added to on a regular basis with more information, filled forms, and more.



Collating large documents, or even many documents into sets, can be a time-consuming process that often results in chaos when not managed properly.

Let your local Copiworld store handle this process for you; ensuring the chaos is tamed, with all of your pages up the right way, facing the correct direction, and placed in the correct order.

If required, you collated documents can then be bound, stapled, or inserted into folders for you.



Whether it’s for durability, or simply to bring out the best look in your documents; laminating is a great choice for everything from large format printing to vouchers and single-page documents.

Laminating can help to protect your work from water and adverse weather, and is perfect for building plans, posters, maps, signs, menus, certificates, and much more.

To find out if your work is suitable for laminating, contact your local Copiworld store.


Drilling & Hole Punching

Drilling or hole punching your printed documents can make it easier to insert them into folders, and is also a great time-saving way to ensure posters, signs, and maps are ready for hanging on a wall.



One size does not fit all.

Sometimes standard sizes just don’t fit in with your artwork. That’s okay though, because your local Copiworld store can trim your printing down to the size that you desire your artwork to be.

Trimming is also great for full-bleed documents, allowing us to print your artwork on over-sized stock, and trim it down – leaving your final work with your artwork from edge to edge.