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Get maximum impact for your work with high quality digital colour printing, photocopying and scanning at Copiworld!

Point your viewer’s attention where you want it. From short run jobs, to large volume printing. We can help you use colour to enhance & complement your documents.

At your local Copiworld store colour printing can include everything from business cards, DL flyers, CD slips, signs and report covers through to full colour documents and charts.

All of our colour printing can also be enhanced with high quality document finishes or business and computer/technical services. Perfect for that extra touch.


Business Cards

Your brand in their hand.

You hand out your business card all the time, to a wide range of people – to both current and prospective customers. It is one of the most powerful networking tools in your disposal, showcasing your business to everyone who sees it.

Although many business cards are similar in size to credit cards, they can be any size that you want them to be. Square, big, small, landscape, portrait, folding – there are numerous possibilities available at your local Copiworld store.


Flyers: DL-A4-and More

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Noticed.

From counter displays to discount vouchers, notice-boards and mail-outs; a good flyer is a great way to raise awareness about a product or event.

Generally, flyers are in the marketing arsenal for short and sharp advances. They’re bold and provocative, full of energy and enthusiasm for the message that they are conveying to those that see them.

At Copiworld, we can produce flyers in a range of standard sizes; including the popular choices of DL, A4, and A5 – or we can cut down larger sheets to a custom size that best suites your design and message. We can also fold A4 sheets into DL, making a greater amount of information easier to place in counter-top holders, or mail out in standard DL envelopes.


Brochures & Handouts

Your story, done your way.

Every brochure tells a story; about you, your business, your product, your event, or anything that you need to tell the world about.

At Copiworld, we can work with you to create a brochure that best projects your story in the way that you want it to be told.

We have a range of printing options, paper stocks, business services, and finishings to communicate your message. From saddle-stitch and square-cut booklets, to binding, creasing, folding, stapling, cutting and drilling; every print can be as unique as the story it tells.

Give your local Copiworld store a call, or come in-store and have a chat with our friendly staff, and let us help you to put your best foot forward.


Reports & Business Documents

Engage. Communicate. Impress. Instill Confidence.

Company reports and other business documents can often seem to be mundane and every-day when they are being written, but they often send out a powerful message about your business’ future plans and current successes. All business documents need to be engaging and well designed to instill confidence in your investors, partners, clients, and other stakeholders.

With a wide range of printing options, business services and document finishes available, your local Copiworld store can help you get the most from you business’ documents.

We can print and insert your work into ring-binders & folders, complete with covers, spines, and even printed tabs. We also offer document binding, square-fold and saddle-stitch booklets, document collating and stapling, drilling, and more. Your local Copiworld store also offers a wide range of paper stocks; from everyday office paper, polished paper, coloured paper, and heavier stocks with matte, satin, silk, and gloss finishes.

Your business documents are ambassadors for your business; presentation matters. Contact your local Copiworld store, and find out how we can help you leave the right impression.


Technical Documents, Charts & Diagrams

When you’ve got complicated information to impart, along with highly detailed charts, diagrams, and drawings; you need clear and concise printing of the highest quality.

At Copiworld; we pride ourselves on having the perfect combination of the latest hardware and software to ensure unparalleled results every time.

From instruction manuals and scientific reports through to workflow charts and engineering diagrams that take up an entire wall; your local Copiworld store can print your documents with the finest details.

Don’t forget the document finishing either – there’s no point in giving somebody a whole heap of incredibly detailed information if they’re only going to loose half of it. That’s where our wide range of high quality document finishes helps out. Your local Copiworld store offers a selection of binding, drilling, and stapling services; as well as the ability to drill and insert your documents into ring-binders & folders. We can also print covers, spines, and even tabs to help keep your information organized.

To find out more on printing your documents, contact or visit your local Copiworld store today.


Scanning & Document Digitisation

Welcome to the Digital Age.

You have backup systems in place so you never loose the results of your endless hours of work when things go wrong. You have net access to those same files so that you can edit them no matter where you are. All of your data is safe and secure, available for eternity amongst your ever growing collection of bits and bytes, regardless of whatever physical disaster may strike.

But what about those documents that only remain in hard-copy from before this age of digital utopia was discovered?

The reports from when zip-disks and hard drives were prone to failure. Those building plans from the renovations that you started 15 years ago. The mountain of HR and legal documents sitting in the file cabinets that everyone avoids going near.

Or perhaps you are just more comfortable with creating your masterpieces with pencil and paper, but need to send a copy across the seven seas, or just want a backup that you can carry with you.

Whatever the reason, if you need to get those physical documents into your digital universe; your local Copiworld store can help. Our high-quality digital scanners, both large format and small format – in colour, are capable of capturing amazing amounts of detail. For more information, head into your local Copiworld store and speak to our friendly staff.